More Savannah

A few more shots of beautiful Savannah….

Along the river.

The colonial cemetery. We did a night tour here. It is an interesting place supposedly haunted. Many of the graves exceeded the boundaries of the fence so thousands of people are buried under the sidewalks and the street. Yes, thousands. Did you know Georgia is one of the original 13 colonies …a signer of the Declaration of Independence is buried here.


This steeple was in the movie Forrest Gump, where the feather floated down from.


There are a few of these drain spouts around town. I happened to get this shot from the tour ride. This cute little guy popped into the picture!

St Bonaventure cemetery….the stones on top were intriguing.


Gracie….the most photographed statuary in the cemetery.



It was beautiful there with all the azaleas blooming and the Spanish moss draped from the trees. We walked around and took lots of photos, lost track of time and got locked in after hours. Thankfully some poor man who probably just wanted to go home to dinner was waiting on us and unlocked the gate and let us out. Now we know why there is an emergency cell phone number posted at the gate!



We lit a candle at St John the Baptist church…it is stunning inside. Don’t miss it.

We waited in line to eat at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding house for an hour and a half…the food was good. Best fried chicken ever! Seriously! These kids waited too…they kept themselves amused. We met some nice people in line.



Her earrings were as big as her!

Tybee Island. Life guard station on skis!

This cargo ship was huge but it moved along pretty fast. It disappeared from the viewfinder faster than I wanted it too.

And last but not least my beautiful traveling bud…my girl.


I told you she was cute. And she’s fun to be with. And she likes ice cream. The real deal.


More spring break…

More Savannah ……

Street art along the river

St John the Baptist Catholic Church. Beautiful inside too.


A must…go to Leopolds for ice cream. SCAD is Savannah College of Art and Design. They have purchased and restored old historic buildings all over Savannah. So the campus is everywhere in the historic district. Great setting for college. Students and their art everywhere.


Haunted ghost tour in a hearse. You must take one even if you don’t believe in them. It is just plain fun! We did a walking ghost tour. Didn’t see any though…ghosts that is.


Courthouse at night.


Colonial cemetary. Union soldiers camped here during the Civil War and being young and bored and boys….they changed the dates on some of the headstones so people were hundreds of years old, had children when they were children, and some died before they were born! Boys will be boys no matter what century! It’s fun to wander around in there before dark!


The sunsets are beautiful. And orange and blue.

War Eagle!

Spring break!

Savannah is a beautiful city, especially in the spring. The azaleas were blooming, the weather was cool and comfortable, the people are hospitable and friendly. Put in on your bucket list.

The walk along the river is scenic with lots of places to eat and shop.

The city is laid out with lots of squares which makes walking around the city easy and beautiful. Savannah’s historic section is about a mile square with beautiful churches and homes on every corner…

John Wesley started the first Sunday School here and served as pastor of Christ Church before he went back to England.


My spring breakout buddy.

The food is great too. We managed to get in to Paula Deen 's restaurant without waiting all day!

That was a good cup of coffee and I really needed it!

I have lots more pictures on my camera. So more to come…

Been playing …

So it was raining last night. Perfect sewing weather. Making a little something for my sweetie.

A little scrap pile of Reunion. By Sweetwater for Moda. Isn’t it cute?

Lots of cutting. Lots of little pieces of cuteness.

First time I have made something from my favorite quilt book.

A few blocks done!

Can’t decide which layout I like better. This one…..or…

This one…..? Thoughts?

Toomer’s Corner

I am spending the weekend with my girls in Auburn. We went to see the Auburn /Alabama gymnastics meet and it was so much fun. It was like going to the Olympics! The girls were great, the arena was full. Who knew that gymnastics had cheerleaders! Auburn girls were awesome, Alabama team only slightly better.

Took some pictures of Toomers Corner trees because they might not be there much longer thanks to a demented Bama fan that poisoned them.







alas, the weekend is over and I must go back. Kinda sad. So I am thinking about what project to work on when I get home.

I think it will be finish up some wip’s and something for the apartment walls in Singapore. More on that later.

Back on track

I’m back on track….sort of. It feels a little different around here with my husband in Singapore and my girls back to school but I am trying to get the new normal to feel normal. It won’t be long before normal is not normal again… You know how time magically disappears…I will also be in Singapore soon.


This will be the view from the 29th floor of our apartment in The Rochester apartments. It’s actually already the view for John!

I have powered up the Bernina and am trying to be productive in between work and going out of town on weekends. Through the Azalea City Quilt Guild I am taking a class on machine quilting and have learned quite a bit so far. Like how to convert half square and quarter square triangles, a little math, a little sewing, cool tools and techniques in fabric selection. It’s fun!

We have made a block or two each month which gives you plenty of time to work on other projects.


Block 1


Block 2


Block 3
This is going to end up being a sampler quilt. So I picked from my stash some fabric I had purchased on sale somewhere…fat quarters of Sandi Henderson’s Ginger Blossoms.


Block 4
I added some dark brown and a cream solid because I needed some fabrics to give it contrast.
All the values were in the medium range.


Block 5

We are about half way through the class. I hope I can finish before I leave. Interesting, there are no two fabrics that are the same in the class and all the ladies share fabric if one of theirs will be perfect in someone else’s block. Quilter ladies are the best!

Been there, done that.

So we have been to Singapore and points in between and back and it is great to be home. It is great to live in the USA! And if you never leave you don’t realize how good it is to live here and how lucky we have it. That said I really did enjoy our time in Singapore and in Germany. It was difficult to pack in one suitcase for two different climates but I did it, just forgot to leave room for stuff I wanted to buy, but I did manage to squeeze in a few things.


Shopping in Chinatown. Purchased some scarves to give my girls.


Arab street where I purchased some silk. Which folds up nicely in a suitcase too!

I could have spent a fortune in Germany but no room in that suitcase so I settled for some chocolate. I don’t have a picture of that but I do have some nice pics of the places we went. Beautiful country but it was cold!


Typical street in Rothenburg.

More to follow. Still working on the learning process via iPad. Cool toy!

Getting ready to go.

Getting ready to go to Singapore. Hopefully will have some pics to post about that soon. Depending on the striking qantas airline. Which is flying us there from Frankfurt. Frankfurt may not be a bad place to be stuck in. I will miss this. See below. But maybe I can post from there. This is learning experience. Word Press and International Travel.

Singer Sewing Machine 1951