What to eat in Singapore

I want to keep track of this post for when we go to Singapore. There are some great food ideas! Places to eat and what to eat. very grateful for Rachel’s post and the pictures are great. A picture is worth a thousand words! ( especially when it comes to food).

Thank you Rachel! This post will help us enjoy our trip there so much!

World Flavor

Singapore’s food is fairly similar to that of Malaysia. Generally the same groups of people live in Singapore as do in Malaysia. Some say the only things to do in Singapore are eat and shop. I don’t know about that, but I do know that if you stick with eating you won’t go wrong.

Food in Singapore is not as cheap as in Malaysia, but it is still affordable. If you stick to hawker centres, you will be getting delicious food as well as great deals (a meal can easily be had for under S$5). I went to Tekka Centre in Little India and Chinatown Complex in Chinatown, but there are lots more (the Wikipedia link to hawker centres lists notable hawker centres in Singapore – start there for ideas).

Another way to eat affordably is to go to food courts in malls. It won’t be quite as cheap…

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