More spring break…

More Savannah ……

Street art along the river

St John the Baptist Catholic Church. Beautiful inside too.


A must…go to Leopolds for ice cream. SCAD is Savannah College of Art and Design. They have purchased and restored old historic buildings all over Savannah. So the campus is everywhere in the historic district. Great setting for college. Students and their art everywhere.


Haunted ghost tour in a hearse. You must take one even if you don’t believe in them. It is just plain fun! We did a walking ghost tour. Didn’t see any though…ghosts that is.


Courthouse at night.


Colonial cemetary. Union soldiers camped here during the Civil War and being young and bored and boys….they changed the dates on some of the headstones so people were hundreds of years old, had children when they were children, and some died before they were born! Boys will be boys no matter what century! It’s fun to wander around in there before dark!


The sunsets are beautiful. And orange and blue.

War Eagle!

Spring break!

Savannah is a beautiful city, especially in the spring. The azaleas were blooming, the weather was cool and comfortable, the people are hospitable and friendly. Put in on your bucket list.

The walk along the river is scenic with lots of places to eat and shop.

The city is laid out with lots of squares which makes walking around the city easy and beautiful. Savannah’s historic section is about a mile square with beautiful churches and homes on every corner…

John Wesley started the first Sunday School here and served as pastor of Christ Church before he went back to England.


My spring breakout buddy.

The food is great too. We managed to get in to Paula Deen 's restaurant without waiting all day!

That was a good cup of coffee and I really needed it!

I have lots more pictures on my camera. So more to come…