Been there, done that.

So we have been to Singapore and points in between and back and it is great to be home. It is great to live in the USA! And if you never leave you don’t realize how good it is to live here and how lucky we have it. That said I really did enjoy our time in Singapore and in Germany. It was difficult to pack in one suitcase for two different climates but I did it, just forgot to leave room for stuff I wanted to buy, but I did manage to squeeze in a few things.


Shopping in Chinatown. Purchased some scarves to give my girls.


Arab street where I purchased some silk. Which folds up nicely in a suitcase too!

I could have spent a fortune in Germany but no room in that suitcase so I settled for some chocolate. I don’t have a picture of that but I do have some nice pics of the places we went. Beautiful country but it was cold!


Typical street in Rothenburg.

More to follow. Still working on the learning process via iPad. Cool toy!

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